I have roof damage! Now what?

I have roof damage. What do I do next? Will it be covered by my insurance? How does that process go? Can it wait?

These may be some of the questions that go through your mind. Another thing you might be avoiding is the stress of going through the insurance claim process. After all, you're not a roof expert. You don't know what will be covered, if the damage is enough for insurance to cover it, or if it's worse than can be seen. 

In many cases, roof repairs are covered by insurance. If the damage was caused by an event out of your control, it's generally covered.

If you noticed that you have some roof damage, you want to act right away. Some insurance companies have a time frame, after an event that causes damage, to make a claim, and it be covered. You don't want to miss out on this window. They will claim neglect, and you will be left footing the bill. The reason you have insurance is to avoid that very scenario.

Don't be stressed over the insurance process. If you choose the right company the process can be pretty seamless from here on out.

So what happens next?

You give us a call at Wolf Roofing & Renovations!  We have insurance claims specialists that will guide you along the way.

First, give us a call and schedule your free inspection and estimate. After that, we will guide you through the process and help dealing with the insurance company. Next, we will be available to meet with the insurance adjuster when they come out to inspect the damage. This provides us with the opportunity to advocate for you and the necessary repairs or replacements that are needed.

It's a necessary process to keep up with your roof. Roof damage can turn into structural damage or water damage. It can be a headache to go through the back and forth with the insurance company, but by choosing Wolf Roofing, we will take over this task for you. It's really as simple as a phone call. (512) 766-7049.