Is it time to consider roof replacement?

We know how easily in the haste of "trying to keep a roof over your head",  you take little time to consider the condition of that roof. It's not like the roof is leaking, right? Well there are other things to consider before you get to those more complicated issues like water damage. So lets talk about some of those things.

Did you know that your roof has a life span? 

Most asphalt roofs have a life span of approximately twenty to thirty years. Some have life spans of as little as ten or fifteen years depending on the materials used in the roof's construction.  

What is some roof damage you should look for when inspecting your roof?

The most obvious thing to spot while inspecting the condition of your roof is missing shingles. A thing to consider is that roof repairs of missing shingles will not match the old roof shingles. If your missing a significant amount, it might be smarter financially to get the roof replaced instead of having roof repairs done each time a good section of shingles go missing.

Another thing you can look for is shingles curling. So what do you look for? Shingles that are coming up at the edges, also called cupping a type of curling. Shingles can also have the edges down but the middle comes up. We call that clawing and that's the second type of curling. 

Do you see a lot of cracked shingles? This happens sometimes because of wind damage. Central Texas has its fair share of strong winds and that can take a toll on your roof. If it's not just an isolated area that you see the cracks, then it's time to at least consider roof replacement. 

The next thing to look for is if your shingles are missing granules. What are granules? They are mineral granules that have been added to shingles to keep the sun from baking the asphalt. They protect your roof from UV rays, as well as making the shingles more fire resistant. You may notice your gutters are full of mineral granules, or you may notice the discoloration of sections of your roof, especially where your roof has more run off. Missing granules will make your shingles deteriorate at a faster pace. 

The final thing we'll discuss today is if you can see sunlight coming through, in your attic. Consider if the sunlight can get through what else can, and what would that lead to? You could be looking at future water damage, and mold. 

Not keeping up with your roof can cause bigger problems in the long run, like structural damage, so if you have a lot of these issues going on its time to act.

What's the next step?

Give us a call and we will come out and take a look at your roof. We offer free inspections, and estimates. We will even help you deal with the insurance claim. Insurance generally covers roof damage. Often you can get your roof replaced, and your peace of mind back, with no cost to you.